Aidah Fontenot is a creative, experienced educator and a dedicated mentor who believes that empowering and enabling youth through art will inspire more positive and thriving communities. Soul-engaging methods encourage the essential soft skills of individuality, expression, confidence and creativity, setting precedence for impactful creative arts programs.

Art is a powerful tool to communicate emotions and thoughts more fluidly when practiced.
Curriculum is specialized for each group, and activities are directly responsive to the pace and engagement of participants. Each session strives to engage students in discussion of history, culture, or philosophy and provide a stimulating and relaxing environment to practice expressive art making.

Workshops are 2 hour sessions in which a project and idea is completed from start to finish. Courses are a series of workshops based on a continued theme or skillset.

color theory

The foundation for all curriculum.

Visual presentations begin with the basics of identifying color, and further exploration of how hues, variations and patterns communicate ideas; practice in translating messages in poetry or song into colorful artwork;

Continued workshops include discussion on identity and brand and are geared towards specific areas of study such as graphic or fashion design.

Spray Paint Tee by Young Ladies of Tomorrow 2016.jpg

textile design

Hands-on workshop includes overview of textile patterns from various cultures; practice in creating patterns; design of textile on fabric;

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safe place journals

This course includes discussions of safety and peace; practice in visualizations; expressing mood through color design; and hand-crafting.

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unique beauty

Discussion about beauty, self-perception, individuality and uniqueness; practice in imagination; expressing individual personality through anthropomorphized art and affirmations; calming practice in shape design and painting.